School Bullying

Stumbled upon this interesting article today by Liz Dwyer: The Insidious, Old-School Bullying That American Classrooms Can’t Seem To Shake Images Credit: A 10-year old girl named Kheris Rogers who was being teased by her classmates for her dark skin complexion went viral on social media after her older sister posted a photo of her all dressed up from a fashion show with the hashtag “#flexininhercomplexion”. … Continue reading School Bullying

The Effects of Trauma on Psychosis

CNN: Little boy in Aleppo a vivid reminder of war’s horror By now, most of you have probably either seen or come across this child’s photo on the web. And for some brave few, you have also probably seen the video that details his rescue and accompanying story behind the image above. His name is Omran Daqneesh, and he is a Syrian refugee survivor of … Continue reading The Effects of Trauma on Psychosis

The Healing Power of Music

  via Effect of Music Therapy on Symptoms in Schizophrenia. Finally! A meta-analysis on the effects of music therapy shows that it is associated with improvements in psychosis symptoms. As someone who has been co-facilitating an expressive arts therapy group in the past year, I wholeheartedly agree that music–and art, in general–is a helpful tool in reducing symptoms and improving overall functioning. The mere ability … Continue reading The Healing Power of Music

Your Brain and Gut are BFF

via Microbes and Mental Health: The Link Between Biome and Brain.   We’ve heard it all before: proper sleep, exercise, and diet results in improved mood and anxiety. But did you know that your brain and gut are BFF (best friends forever)? There is growing research support for the influence of mental wellness and gastronomic health. Microbiomes, also known as the little bacteria that is naturally … Continue reading Your Brain and Gut are BFF