Your Brain and Gut are BFF

via Microbes and Mental Health: The Link Between Biome and Brain.


We’ve heard it all before: proper sleep, exercise, and diet results in improved mood and anxiety. But did you know that your brain and gut are BFF (best friends forever)? There is growing research support for the influence of mental wellness and gastronomic health. Microbiomes, also known as the little bacteria that is naturally found growing and thriving in your gut, is linked to our general physical and mental health. This is why the quality of food we eat is important. Diets consisting of highly processed food results in not only affecting how we look (e.g., weight gain, oily skin, breakouts), but how we feel. Yes, yes. This is a sappy but informative post.

What are probiotics? There are various forms that are popular among today’s consumers, mostly in the form of yogurt, probiotic drinks (e.g., Yakult), Kefir, and (yes) kimchi.

So try your best to get close to 8 hours of sleep each night. Exercise regularly for at least a full 30 minutes each day. Eat a well-balanced diet.

And get your probiotics on.